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Welcome to Australian Proprietors Alliance Inc. (APA) !

APA is committed to create a strong alliance and synergy amongst investors, property owners, business owners and entrepreneurs, promote fair business practice, and advance the society as a whole. Members please list your business for free . Now you can search all of our APA members to find out about the business services they offer. You can also contact them directly through the website to inquire about the relevant quotation.


  •  To protect the interests of investors, business owners, entrepreneurs and property owners by ensuring a voice

  •  To promote business opportunities in international and domestic markets

  •  To advance Australian fair, to advance our society to be harmoniously developing

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When we stand together, we are stronger . APA belongs to all proprietors. Your input will make APA stronger.



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Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre


First Anniversary of “APA” & “Housing, Funds, Bills, Strategies & Futures” Major Forum
Forum will invite the LNP and ALP representatives to make speech/debate, the forum covers the following: 1) Housing : How to save the housing market and revive the economy? Is the reform of the Negative Gearing and Capital Gains Tax in the rescue of the housing market or the ruin of the housing market? Is it reviving the economy OR is it corrupting the economy? 2) Funds: If the self-managed pension Fund (SMSF) loan and Catch-up concessions are abolished, the reduction of the Non-concessional of After-tax pension contribution limit , plus the cancellation of the Franking credit rebates, And what will be the impact on our vast proprietors ? 3) Bills: With regard to tax returns, what will be the impact of the increase in trust beneficiary taxes on the Discretionary Trust and the Family Trust on our business owners’ business and family? What Tax cuts policy will the government put into effect ? What measures does the Government have to reduce electricity bills ? 4) Strategies : How does the government respond when there is a "high degree of uncertainty" in global economic growth? How to pay attention to the importance of good relationship between China and Australia? How to do "once set, no regret" to play a good game of chess? 5) Futures: What is the government's move on kids’ education? Should Safe Schools Coalition Program be deposed? How can kids be protected in a single-sex "parents" family? Is every move taken by the government beneficial and harmless to future generations? Is it sustainable development?
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